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"Al Gromer Khan doesn't seem to concern himself much with conscious reality, especially as it concerns music. Sufi is meant to be played at a moderate to low volume, it's deep ambient spaces more conductive to trance states than anything else. Sufi is outstanding for massage, meditation, and similar healing modalities. The music is so subtle, happening on an almost unconscious level, that putting it on in the background makes little sense. The sound is so finely nuanced that only being completely present with it can one truly experience SUFI
Khan plays keyboards, sitar, surbahar, and percussion. Accordion, additional keyboards, Indian hand drums, and loops are handled by others. Imagine the hypnotizing heat of a desert hot enough to melt sand with no water for a thousand miles. That heat comes alive on SUFI, which is surreal, sublime, hypnotic, mind-altering, and absolutely intoxicating."
Steve Ryals, New Age Voice Magazine.

"Magical, mystical music by Al Gromer Khan has never sounded as good as it does on his new release, 'Sufi.' Hi 'Paisley' music is derived from combining textures from sitar with spacey keyboards and occasional rhythmic flourishes. The combined results allows the listener access to certain inner states, working from and through gratitude and remembrance. With it's trance inducing experience, and shape-shifting sounds, one almost needs to disassociate oneself from the music to enter the suspended state in which this artist seems to work. With accompanying keyboards, accordion, Indian hand drums and distant loops, The music of 'Sufi' adds up to one of Al Gromer Khan's most subtle and powerful releases, ranking right up there with 'Mahogany Nights' and 'Space Hotel,' while adding other elements that have, perhaps, not been touched before. Just let go..."

Heartbeats Catalog (Backroads Music)

This CD is reminiscent of an earlier work 'Space Hotel.' If you are familiar with that one, you'll understand how something can be mellow, slow, meditative, yet almost hypnotically dance-like. Al Gromer Khan is German-born sitar master, whose style is described as 'Paisley Music.' His usual music is a combination of traditional Indian melodies with ambient electronic keyboards. This CD, and 'Space Hotel,' really focus on the ambient portion of that description. For example, track 7 is listed as 'Ya Aziz (Ambient-Adagio-Alap).' This CD is elegant. The music, as the artist says, 'derives from and aims at certain inner states.' This is profoundly interior music which, through its understated melodies and intricate sound, really does offer a trance-like experience. Take time out and go with this music. Soothe your soul."

Lyn McNutt Nightlight

"SUFI, from sitar master Al Gromer Khan, brings new meaning to the term transcendental. This highly atmospheric, mood-enhancing inner journey begins with light strumming of the sitar, sending out majestic chords into the spacious background. Your path continues on marked by light percussion as you travel deeper and deeper surrounded by waves of dark, mellow ambiance. SUFI is a quest for inspiration, a door to an alternate reality where, through music, one can find understanding and access to certain inner states. A great compliment to Khan's other releases like Kamasutra and Tantra Drums."

Music Design

Al Gromer Khan (aka Aloysius Gromer) has built many soundscapes from his cross-cultural virtuosity. For Sufi, he relies heavily on Indian acoustic instruments and contemporary electronics. The CD is based on the intense poetry of the Sufi and the purity of their spirituality. Khan was deeply influenced by the teachings of Ustad Vilayat Khan and his demonstration of how a small fragment of music begets new realities. He embraces Sufism that works from direct experiences and allows it to affect his music — deeply. This gentle soundscape is very subtle. The atmospheres are vacuous and large; Al Gromer Khan's sound design is flawless. The music builds and collapses upon itself continuously. Deep listeners will be fascinated by the depth of the journey. The unique soundscape will appeal to fans of David Parsons, Jalan Jalan, and Angelo Riccardi. It was a finalist in the New Age Voice 2001 music awards — deservedly so.