CD Neuerscheinung

THE GOD PERFUME von Al Gromer Khan

(a short philosophy)

In certain ancient cultures of the world old souls have been honored with a distinction: He/she possesses ´it´. THE GOD PERFUME. Such ones are of a simplicity of thinking, of an emotional depth. The beauty of the soul is theirs. The fulfilled Ones. Such a one knows, but does not speak, feels something but chooses an encrypted way of expression - you know, to keep the riff raff at a distance "It's like a perfume," people say. You follow these people, sniff around them, follow their trail.
So how do highly advanced souls recognize each other? It is a scent, a kind of vibration that one in a million will detect in another of their kind. And with music.

It is a subtle undercurrent, and that is how I wanted this composition THE GOD PERFUME to be: Dark, with a strong down tempo beat, with razor sitar statements. Again I had help, in that certain things in sound and melody, in rhythmic expression turned out as they did. You can´t dream that sort of thing up.
And my sitar sound is now as always wanted it to be – a kind of reward for decades of trying.

THE GOD PERFUME contains Christian elements, certain African ones, Indian, and futuristic. From the Age of The Ram, to that of The Fish, and on to The Universal Soul.

When you live in these complex times, and you feel that everything has been tried, and said, and fused, and expressed, and revived, then you start thinking that with all the songs and pieces and symphonies and albums and experiments, why attempt to contribute more to this tsunami? Well, first of all it was a good thing that one has found one´s own opening into another sphere, oh so many years ago – into another sphere of operation. So, in that way there was no competitive thinking.

As far as my work is concerned, I am an interior designer – I design interiors you can listen to. Some of them with a beat, other not – the importance lies in reaching a certain state. When I make music I am forever in a walled garden with bird song. It was always about a confined space, an ambience in its original sense. Somewhere one would feel one could get comfort. And from there go inward … and on from there to expand into a universal field.

I wanted the music of GOD PERFUME to take place in that peaceful walled garden. With Bulbul (Hindi: the nightingale) in it. How the first bird you hear in spring enchants you! That´s how I came to understand that after all the music we have heard in our time, what is left is to translate your favourite song onto another, a more subtle, a condensed, an abstracted level. And how that can bring one into a state of exquisite thoughtfulness, of a warm intimacy. A remembrance ... of where it´s at. Songs of child-like innocence, of the fragile gesture.
The title depicts a certain Indian sorcerer – a painting I did a few years ago.

Special thanks to: Ute Lenz for vocal support, the wonderful musicians of Country Roots, and Emin Corrado the invaluable sparker.