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The God Perfume By Al Gromer Khan
Review written by Steve Sheppard

There is a dimension in music that is rarely explored, it hides behind the tick and tock of the relentless clock, it’s a highway hardly ever travelled that can only be found on the very borders of existence. True ambient music like this, fits those parameters with ease, it hovers with an intent so grand and yet unassuming, it creates an imagery for the soul, its gives us a brief scent of a reality called, The God Perfume.
There can be no doubt that Al Gromer Khan is the master of the ambient music genre, but here he is a director of interior sounds that demands to be listened too and with each stroke of the strings, the maestro manifests something that has never been heard before; this is genius in motion.
If you ever wanted to start an album with something so startlingly brilliant, then THE GOD PERFUME X would be the track you would choose, its ambience is so profound and immediately establishes a musical pattern so beautiful and alluring, it becomes addictive beyond reason. This piece has to be one, if not the best beginning to an album I have head for many years.
BUL BUL is now upon us, this song bird of a composition blossoms like the midnight scent of a Jasmine flower, and floats upon the warm breeze of a late autumn evening. Bulbul (Nightingale) has a beauty that reaches into a myriad of musical dimensions; Gromer Khans performance is supreme in creating something so tranquil and serene here.
The plunging opening to BEAT OF THE ANCIENTS is outstanding. The movement is deep and insightful; it swirls back and forth in the mind’s eye like a desert wind in July. The shimmering intensity of this piece and the energy of its creation, breathes a certain resonance into the composition that is so appealing, so very tempting. The artist’s use of percussion here is powerful, but not ostentatious, and the entire arrangement has a deep sense of respect built into the composition.
On ZU MEINER SEELE EHREN, we have a moment within time that peaks a spiritual interest, and an ethereal vocal that is so very imploring. Gromer Khan’s sitar is outer worldly on this piece, the production quality and bass here fashion a reality in music as of yet touched by human hands, this construct of tone and timbre is utterly sublime and honours the musical soul.
As we tread carefully toward the fulcrum of this release, we come across a piece that brings forth a perfect moment of meditative genius for us to sample, it’s called A WAY IN THE WORLD. This also is our longest offering at well over nine minutes long and allows us, the ever eager listener, a musical dimension to roam freely in, and one that is unfettered from the clutter of life’s illusions.
At the midway borderlands of this album, is a track called PROCESSION FOR THE GREAT BLACK GODDESS. The combination of electronic mastery and sitar ushers forth another layer of ambience that changes tempo two minutes in, but never loses its coherence. The floating notes from Gromer Khans Sitar hover like an errant cloud on a summer’s day, one we watch, one we wait for that oh so subtle of movements, but in the end, like this arrangement, we become part of the music itself, and we are lost for ever more in blissful happiness.
It is a recognised fact that Gromer Khan is the grandfather of ambient music, but even in age the artist still improves, still keeps moving forward, and still reaches for that sublime perfection. TURANDOT is part of this labyrinth of excellence; it has a wonderfully melodic structure that is almost operatic in nature and most fulfilling in its narrative.
TOLEDO has a spacious European motif that is so redolent of the area, I have bathed in this piece for many listens, and each time I enjoy the experience more. There is so much within this track that is appealing, it is one that is painted musically with such skill, that one hardly notices that only just over one hundred and sixty seconds has passed.
Living in my location the next offering is all too familiar. ODEON is from the ancient Greek and means a place of performance of poetry and music, I have one literally ten minutes’ walk from my home, and this piece would make a superb soundtrack to play during my next visit. It has a truly haunting quality about its structure that draws us in further, and through the performance one may even see ghosts of the past, treading the stones of the Odeon in creativity.
We now find ourselves deep in the texture of the album as we arrive at the piece BLUES FOR A MUTED SITAR. There is a certain melodic essence about this piece that gives us a sense of retrospection, the performance here is guilt edged and manifests a land of pure ambience, layered within the blues.
The penultimate offering is called CHAIKHANA. If you ever wished to explore the vast realms of ambient music on offer, this would be the place to sojourn. Gromer Khan creates a dominion of peace from his performance that is only matched by the sheer vista of artistic atmospheric brilliance painted in music; this is an offering one could float in for eternity.
We now end our voyage of mood and tone within the musical sphere of Al Gromer Khan and The God Perfume, with a composition called WAYCO. The slight elevation in energy allows us to part ways with the artist, completely fulfilled. Wayco once more opens the doors to our realm. allowing us a pathway back to our reality, once more contented and satisfied that we have listened to something that is above anything else we have listed to in this genre.
The God Perfume is Al Gromer Khans best work so far, the depth in composition, the quality of performance and production is unrivalled. Listening to this album is like stepping into a musical Eden itself. The God Perfume is not only Al Gromer Khans best work to date, but probably one of the best collections of ambient music ever in this genre, and one that I whole heartedly recommend without hesitation.

RASA Music – review by Chris Spector, Midwest Record
AL GROMER KHAN/God Perfume: A new kind of deep ambient set in which Khan fuses new age/ambient with religious over tones from various disciplines for some superior, contemporary head music that stands the new age genre on it’s ear---if you even want to consider this as new age. Not to be taken lightly, this is one of those sets that’s there at the ready when you are ready for it. When you give it a good listen, it’s cloak of darkness fades away into music that exudes hope for tomorrow. Ars gratia artis!

The God Perfume byAl Gromer Khan
5.0 out of 5 stars... listen to music by Al Gromer Khan is just like you are walking through Oriental palace or travelling in ...
BySergeyon November 26, 2017
Format: MP3 Music
To listen to music by Al Gromer Khan is just like you are walking through Oriental palace or travelling in India or Central Asia. New views, new impressions, new sounds, new colours, new fragrances. Each new composition like a door into new unknown world.
Electronic keyboards and sitar, some vocal fragments. It's hard to label this music as New Age or ambient, because It's obviously not background music and it takes your attention - don't listen to this music in your car. You'll sink into it.
Thoughtful music which gives you forces and ability to feel and to understand diversity of the world around us and to understand yourself much better.

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Kurt und Bongo und die Hippies Besprechung in TICHYS EINBLICK Oktober 2017 von Matthias Matussek

Kurt und Bongo und die Hippies

Besprechung in YOGA aktuell Nr. 106 Oktober/November 2017 von Nina Haisken

book and e-book Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies

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Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies

Al Gromer Khan

“This is a novel that must be read! It will bring a level of understanding to the quandary that the world finds itself within today. The characterisation is superb, the twists and turns of the narrative even more so. (….) This is a book that has a hook and will carry you all the way from Chelsea to Glastonbury. Without leaving the room, it reveals a most poignant tale of several timelines that existed in an era filled with possibilities that could have indeed changed the world forever, but somehow got lost in a new age of deceptive lust and greed. Riveting stuff from a man who is not only a great musician, but a superb writer as well.” – STEVE SHEPPARD One World Music Radio

*****out of 5 stars
A hippy book
By Rolf Silvio Andreas on 7 July 2017
Format: Paperback
What's going on here? Another hippie book? Ah, yes: Summer of Love, 50 years jubilee – 1967-2017. Right. Ghostwriters on your starting blocks … Ah, but not this one. This one rings true; even though the author, a musician and composer of some renown and contemporary himself, claims that none of it is autobiographical, some of the descriptions you couldn't dream up. And no, there is no VW bus sporting psychedelic colours and frilly curtains. Instead the author supplies remarkable views from the inside, in regard to music, the illusions of the young, the ever present prejudices prior to hippiedom. Prejudices which became obsolete during the Summer of Love as if by magic intervention. Yes, there's sex and drugs and rock and roll – however in specific detail, which elates you as a reader, keeps your interest from waning The lower aspects, on the crime level if you like, some threads remain unresolved, but that doesn't really harm the storyline. And just when you think that everything's been said and written about music, pop and rock music in particular, Mr Gromer Khan comes out with a turn of phrase that nearly makes you cry. And, by the way, the book also makes you laugh out loud. Yes, I should like to recommend this story, it makes excellent summer reading – in The Summer of Love, fifty years on.

AL GROMER KHAN/KURT and BONGO and the HIPPIES: Move over Gnossos Pappadopolous, Holden Caulfield and Dean Moriarty, coming of age literature has a new must read to add to the shelf. A roman a clef memoir of the 60s by one who was there and must have taken good notes to remember it all, it follows the exploits of a hard luck bunch but there are no beautiful losers here. Some things never change, like young people hating the man and hungering for revolution, but the ways the story telling can morph mightily is what makes things one for the ages or not. A gripping read throughout that will really spin you through an emotional spin cycle along the way, this one helluva way to bring it all back home. Well done.

Volume 40/Number 252 July 11, 2017
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

Reviewed By Ankita Shukla for Readers’ Favorite ****

Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies by Al Gromer Khan revolves around three main characters: Kurt (a German), Bongo (an African), and Toby (an Indian). There are other side characters in the story, but they are just that -- side characters. This does not mean that these extra players did not contribute to the story; on the contrary, they kept the entertainment quotient of the book high. Kurt and Bongo are living in the same apartment -- on and off. Bongo is a proper hippie who has a very different outlook on life. He does not follow the same rules as everybody else and does whatever interests him. Kurt, on the other hand, is not as impulsive as Bongo. In fact, he believes in being someone and doing something with his life. Many times, mostly when he is high (not essentially on drugs), he contemplates the direction that his life is taking. Toby lives in India and is fascinated by Germany. He believes that he is destined to be in Germany; however, life does not deal him an easy hand. His own father sold him to a guy, who used Toby sexually. Eventually, Toby finds his way out of this situation only to land up in another similar one. The story of his life is full of many twists.

The narration of the book is very different. The story moves along in the characters' musings about their lives or their reflections on their friends' lives. One cannot simply follow the plot without paying attention. There are many flashbacks, which require a reader to really use his/her common sense. That being said, once I got a hang of the narration, I was hooked to learn what would happen to Kurt, Bongo, and Toby. The racism that Kurt faced on a daily basis for being a German really made my blood boil at times. I was heartbroken to see Kurt - my favorite character - suffer. His personality has a depth to it that forced me to develop an understanding of him. Bongo's presence was a welcome escape from the seriousness of the plot. His dialogues and actions are marvelous. He made me laugh a lot. I had much sympathy for Toby in the beginning but, to my dismay, I discovered later that he did not deserve my sympathy at all. I applaud the author for managing to develop such deep emotions for the characters in the hearts of readers.


Kurt und Bongo und die Hippies

Al Gromer Khan

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Chakra Noir Nr.1 in den One World Music Top 100 Charts Januar 2017

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***** for CHAKRA NOIR
Review STEVE SHEPPARD of One World Music Radio

Not just a good album, this is breath-taking I had been intrigued to hear the latest Al Gromer Khan album; I had heard rumours that this would be his best work for many years; I can confirm now that is a rumour no more, this is not just a good album from the master, this is truly a masterpiece.
The rumours were right, this is the best work from Al Gromer Khan for some time, as a writer and a fan I am elated, we have an album here that has been created by a musician that knows this business inside and out, a true veteran of the ambient music genre and to show us an absolute work of sheer genius like this, at this stage of his career, is not only breath-taking, its simply magnificent, so run out and purchase this release straight away. Chakra Noir is not just a good album; it has raised the bar for all ambient musicians in this genre, a mile high.
vollständige Besprechung siehe Aktuell

CHAKRA NOIR Review by Chris Spector, Midwest Record,04/30:
RASA Music
AL GROMER KHAN/Chakra Noir: The relentlessly interesting Khan does not make ragas and meditation music appropriate for your dentist’s office. He’s more like a Hemingway working with strings instead of a typewriter crafting dense, multi layered sonic vignettes that jostle, provoke and create an environment where something pulling you forward keeps leading you on. Assured music aimed directly at the center of your mind, this is what you listen to if your commitment to self awareness goes deeper than buying a new pair of yoga pants.
Well done.

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The White Mogul

jetzt als e-book auf amazon kindle

Book Review *****
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

The White Mogul by Al Gromer Khan is a poignant tale set in the 1960s where the nineteen-year-old protagonist, Hans von der Thann, rebels against the restrictions and clash of cultures that lead him to discover a spiritual freedom through music. Running away from his country to India to learn the sitar gave him confidence as sound began to influence his life slowly. The India which initially rejects, insults and mocks him finally blesses him. As the story progresses, readers take the journey along with Hans von der Thann from London to Bombay where his life is inextricably entwined with encounters of manipulation and deceit, which contribute to a large extent to his spiritual growth.

In one word I would describe the story as 'exotic.' The book is divine, it's exotic, it touches the soul. The cover design rocks. The book captures the essence of India during those times with the ambiguity and mysterious tones of Urdu poetry, the palace ambiance, and the young boy's struggle to adjust to his new world. The author's descriptive narration captivates readers as they get a peek into the life that existed behind the palace walls in India. As the story shifts between London and India, readers are glued to the story with its many dimensions that connect to them on different levels. The underlying spiritual vibes provided by the music in the book are surreal and the healing power of music runs effectively through the plot. The story gives a new meaning to the freedom that runs through all of us with the help of music, making it refreshingly original.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Impressive Novel About German Musician, The Orient And About Love To Indian Music
By Sergey on January 31, 2016
Format: Perfect Paperback
Al Gromer Khan is muscian from Germany. He is well-known for the lovers of Indian and ambient music.
Usually in the the books by muscians or in their memoirs you could find some jokes and stories from their lives, some facts about their records, some words (nice or hostile) about their collegues. The books to read fast, to place on the shelve in your room and to forget about it for many years. That's not the case.
This is novel and Al Gromer Khan works with the words as masterfully as with his instruments. The novel is based on his personal experiences, and the quality of narration is very high.
Young hyppie musician Hans (Candide of this novel) is caught in the net of contradictions between the ideal images of Indian spirituality and raw reality of everyday life in flower power epoch London and in Bombay of the first half of the 70s. Al Gromer Khans changes points and angles of veiw for the reader. Sometimes you are seeing events from the point of view of the author, sometimes - from point of view of the main hero, sometimes - you are seeing Hans through the eyes of his teacher and his girlfriend. So you'll get multi-dimensional vision of the events. While you are reading the novel - you are there in London and Bombay with the hero and you are feeling (nearly phisically) harsh contrast between aespthetic impact of Indian music and the inevitable necessity for the musician to submit himself to the rules and traditions of Indian society which are quite different from standard Western views of the Orient. Lively images of Indian musicians, false gurus, bandits, women of different social levels, ordinary people - the author creates 3D picture of Indian city life in the mind of the reader.
Al Gromer Khan is honest with his hero and his reader. The life is depicted here in its most pleasant and most nasty situations.
The novel is very actual now when the problems of global North and global South are a part of our everyday life. The White Mogul could be quite sobering reading for those who are trying to impose their own socio-political standards on the life of other nations and cultures.

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The Eternal Feminine von Al Gromer Khan

Die Paisley Musik von Al Gromer Khan siehe Aktuell

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Al Gromer Khan
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Roman von Al Gromer Khan

Englische Ausgabe von 'Der weiße Mogul'

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Hörbuch Neuerscheinung

Die Weisheit der Narren

Geschichten der Sufimeister von Idries Shah

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Jazz Christmas

Für den JAZZFAN – der Klassiker „Jazzweihnacht“ von Al Gromer Khan
„Jazz Christmas“ englische Ausgabe als e-book

"Der Jazzfan wird diese Geschichte nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit hören wollen..."
****Jazzthetik Magazin

Jazz und Liebe, Sex,Ekstase und Tod in Soho

Ein junger Musiker erhält das Vertrauen eines berühmten Jazz-Saxophonisten.
Er erlebt die Großen des Jazz hautnah und gerät in aberwitzige und schmerzhafte Situationen.

"Some of my best friends are blues"
Ronnie Scott

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Für Dich und Dein Yoga, Dein Wohlfühlen, Deine Meditation - das Luxus-Erlebnis für Dein chill-out ...

Chris Spector - MIDWEST RECORD:
AL GROMER KHAN/Far Go: Anybody that's recently, reluctantly been forced to add stretching and breathing exercises to their daily chore list will immediately be glad to hear the latest pioneering work by new age pioneer Khan as he takes ambient to new levels of the game (something you probably didn't think possible) and moves healing music to different realms. As any newbie to stretching and breathing exercise that gets flummoxed by how much harder it is than it looks to get it right (yeah, I know, doing something is better than not doing anything at all), this low key, low impact musical crutch is just what you need to make it go better. Sure, it's no replacement for anyone that likes EDM, but you can bet if a big enough check comes around, you'll hear this sped up, chopped and channeled into the next Deadmau5 wannabe mix. For now, go with the flow, especially if this is something you need, it‘s on the new age/ambient money throughout..

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AGK Surbahar

'Another Kind of Silence' von Al Gromer Khan

Das ideale Ambiente für Yoga und Meditation


Rasa Music Verlag

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Die Weisheit der Narren

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