Al Gromer Khan


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Al Gromer Khan

DAY OF THE BELOVED is ambient trance music in the tradition of

It is also holographic music, whereby minimalist statements circle in a timeless sphere around an inaudible pole.

For the specific colours to become effective it is best enjoyed at low volume.

Stephen Hill - HEARTS of SPACE "Al Gromer Khan's "Day of the Beloved" is the finest example of long-form, India-inspired Ambient you'll find. 57:04 of quietly hypnotic bliss."

Sergey Lenkov
Real Healing Ambient Experience
Long compostion which creates atmosphere of light and relaxation in your room. Background ambiental electronic pads and atmospheres, delicate openwork sitar playing, some barely hearable piano touches here and there - and you are deep in the soundworld by Al Gromer Khan. It's good to listen to this music after hard working day. It's not one more New Age oriental style album - it's the music of higher level of creation and it needs your attention while you are listening to it. The music seems in the same time meditative with repeating phrases and in the same time you are feeling a kind of internal motion in the structures created by Al Gromer Khan. One more interesting work for the lovers of ambient music.