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“This is a novel that must be read! It will bring a level of understanding to the quandary that the world finds itself within today. The characterisation is superb, the twists and turns of the narrative even more so. (….) This is a book that has a hook and will carry you all the way from Chelsea to Glastonbury. Without leaving the room, it reveals a most poignant tale of several timelines that existed in an era filled with possibilities that could have indeed changed the world forever, but somehow got lost in a new age of deceptive lust and greed. Riveting stuff from a man who is not only a great musician, but a superb writer as well.” – STEVE SHEPPARD One World Music Radio

Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies

Chakra Noir No.1 in the One World Music Top 100 Charts January 2017

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***** for CHAKRA NOIR
Review STEVE SHEPPARD of One World Music Radio

Not just a good album, this is breath-taking I had been intrigued to hear the latest Al Gromer Khan album; I had heard rumours that this would be his best work for many years; I can confirm now that is a rumour no more, this is not just a good album from the master, this is truly a masterpiece.
The rumours were right, this is the best work from Al Gromer Khan for some time, as a writer and a fan I am elated, we have an album here that has been created by a musician that knows this business inside and out, a true veteran of the ambient music genre and to show us an absolute work of sheer genius like this, at this stage of his career, is not only breath-taking, its simply magnificent, so run out and purchase this release straight away. Chakra Noir is not just a good album; it has raised the bar for all ambient musicians in this genre, a mile high.
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CHAKRA NOIR Review by Chris Spector, Midwest Record:
RASA Music
AL GROMER KHAN/Chakra Noir: The relentlessly interesting Khan does not make ragas and meditation music appropriate for your dentist’s office. He’s more like a Hemingway working with strings instead of a typewriter crafting dense, multi layered sonic vignettes that jostle, provoke and create an environment where something pulling you forward keeps leading you on. Assured music aimed directly at the center of your mind, this is what you listen to if your commitment to self awareness goes deeper than buying a new pair of yoga pants.
Well done.


DAY OF THE BELOVED is ambient trance music in the tradition of THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS.
It is also holographic music, whereby minimalist statements circle in a timeless sphere around an inaudible pole.
For the specific colours to become effective it is best enjoyed at low volume.

Stephen Hill - HEARTS of SPACE
"Al Gromer Khan's "Day of the Beloved" is the finest example of long-form, India-inspired Ambient you'll find. 57:04 of quietly hypnotic bliss."

Sergey Lenkov
Real Healing Ambient Experience
Long compostion which creates atmosphere of light and relaxation in your room. Background ambiental electronic pads and atmospheres, delicate openwork sitar playing, some barely hearable piano touches here and there - and you are deep in the soundworld by Al Gromer Khan. It's good to listen to this music after hard working day. It's not one more New Age oriental style album - it's the music of higher level of creation and it needs your attention while you are listening to it. The music seems in the same time meditative with repeating phrases and in the same time you are feeling a kind of internal motion in the structures created by Al Gromer Khan. One more interesting work for the lovers of ambient music.

The White Mogul

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Book Review *****
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

The White Mogul by Al Gromer Khan is a poignant tale set in the 1960s where the nineteen-year-old protagonist, Hans von der Thann, rebels against the restrictions and clash of cultures that lead him to discover a spiritual freedom through music. Running away from his country to India to learn the sitar gave him confidence as sound began to influence his life slowly. The India which initially rejects, insults and mocks him finally blesses him. As the story progresses, readers take the journey along with Hans von der Thann from London to Bombay where his life is inextricably entwined with encounters of manipulation and deceit, which contribute to a large extent to his spiritual growth.

In one word I would describe the story as 'exotic.' The book is divine, it's exotic, it touches the soul. The cover design rocks. The book captures the essence of India during those times with the ambiguity and mysterious tones of Urdu poetry, the palace ambiance, and the young boy's struggle to adjust to his new world. The author's descriptive narration captivates readers as they get a peek into the life that existed behind the palace walls in India. As the story shifts between London and India, readers are glued to the story with its many dimensions that connect to them on different levels. The underlying spiritual vibes provided by the music in the book are surreal and the healing power of music runs effectively through the plot. The story gives a new meaning to the freedom that runs through all of us with the help of music, making it refreshingly original.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Impressive Novel About German Musician, The Orient And About Love To Indian Music
By Sergey on January 31, 2016
Format: Perfect Paperback
Al Gromer Khan is muscian from Germany. He is well-known for the lovers of Indian and ambient music.
Usually in the the books by muscians or in their memoirs you could find some jokes and stories from their lives, some facts about their records, some words (nice or hostile) about their collegues. The books to read fast, to place on the shelve in your room and to forget about it for many years. That's not the case.
This is novel and Al Gromer Khan works with the words as masterfully as with his instruments. The novel is based on his personal experiences, and the quality of narration is very high.
Young hyppie musician Hans (Candide of this novel) is caught in the net of contradictions between the ideal images of Indian spirituality and raw reality of everyday life in flower power epoch London and in Bombay of the first half of the 70s. Al Gromer Khans changes points and angles of veiw for the reader. Sometimes you are seeing events from the point of view of the author, sometimes - from point of view of the main hero, sometimes - you are seeing Hans through the eyes of his teacher and his girlfriend. So you'll get multi-dimensional vision of the events. While you are reading the novel - you are there in London and Bombay with the hero and you are feeling (nearly phisically) harsh contrast between aespthetic impact of Indian music and the inevitable necessity for the musician to submit himself to the rules and traditions of Indian society which are quite different from standard Western views of the Orient. Lively images of Indian musicians, false gurus, bandits, women of different social levels, ordinary people - the author creates 3D picture of Indian city life in the mind of the reader.
Al Gromer Khan is honest with his hero and his reader. The life is depicted here in its most pleasant and most nasty situations.
The novel is very actual now when the problems of global North and global South are a part of our everyday life. The White Mogul could be quite sobering reading for those who are trying to impose their own socio-political standards on the life of other nations and cultures.


The Eternal Feminine by Al Gromer Khan

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English novel by Al Gromer Khan


AL GROMER KHAN/The White Mogul: Suppose Nick Hornby had other aspirations than being a Limey writing about music in hipster, American neighborhoods. Would he have it together to write this world wide novel of eye opening proportions that reads like a modern day “On the Road” with music as the driving force? Enough with the “Eat, Pray, Love“ already, guys have to have a few eye opening journeys as well when given the time and tide to pursue such opportunities. As compelling as any of the eye opening novels by Cohen, etc, Khan takes you on a journey that feels like Townes Van Zandt taking a side trip through the Indian music underground and perhaps coming out of it with his teeth intact. A thick tome that could easily be a commuters pal for several weeks of urban scooting, this is a dandy read that’s musically vibrant enough along the way to almost open your ears as well. Seekers, start your engines and check it out.


Jazz Christmas by Al Gromer Khan

e-book release

Recommended by JAZZTHETIK Magazine, Berlin. “Jazz fans will want to hear this story not only at Christmas, it draws a loving picture of long gone era.”

“... an intense listening pleasure …, written like a jazz ballad, in between galloping improvisation and wailing blues.“ Ulrich Sonnenschein Radio H2 Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt

Jazz Christmas by Al Gromer Khan portrays the attitude to life in the late sixties in and around Ronnie Scott´s Jazz Club in Jack Kerouac style. The story tells of love and jazz, sex and ecstasy and death in Soho. A young musician gains the trust and the friendship of a famous jazz saxophonist and gets to listen to many of the classical jazz players at close range. He experiences traumatic and ludicrous, painful and romantic situations. “Some of my best friends are blues”. (Ronnie Scott)



For you and your yoga, your wellness, your meditation - the extravagant experience for your chill-out ...

Chris Spector - MIDWEST RECORD:
AL GROMER KHAN/Far Go: Anybody that's recently, reluctantly been forced to add stretching and breathing exercises to their daily chore list will immediately be glad to hear the latest pioneering work by new age pioneer Khan as he takes ambient to new levels of the game (something you probably didn't think possible) and moves healing music to different realms. As any newbie to stretching and breathing exercise that gets flummoxed by how much harder it is than it looks to get it right (yeah, I know, doing something is better than not doing anything at all), this low key, low impact musical crutch is just what you need to make it go better. Sure, it's no replacement for anyone that likes EDM, but you can bet if a big enough check comes around, you'll hear this sped up, chopped and channeled into the next Deadmau5 wannabe mix. For now, go with the flow, especially if this is something you need, it‘s on the new age/ambient money throughout..

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'Another Kind of Silence' by Al Gromer Khan

Real Ambient for Yoga and meditation

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